"It doesn't matter, I'll probably get hit by a car anyway"

Okay, this is a weird question but me and my friend have been talking about you (all positive) and we really wanted to know if you're an aggressive lover? Like spanking, biting...


For the most part yea, minus a few things. It all depends on the person and their interests and what they like. If not into it then I won’t do it.

But I will spank the fucking fuck out of you and will like it lol.

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Have you ever slapped a girl?


No and I never will.

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What is the craziest thing you've ever done?


To be honest, I have at least 10 things I can’t even believe I’ve done. Shit the latest was in canada. At least 4 badass,cool,super funny moments happen in my life a week lol.

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how many times have you been in love



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you dress like a white boy


I dress how I feel. One day it’ll be like The fresh prince. One day it’ll be Baggy jeans and tims like it’s 96. One day you’ll catch me in today’s trends.

Grow up.

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your snapchats are so fucking hot


Add me. - TheSprawl

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What is something you are afraid of?


Not reaching my full potential

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