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So i got accepted into Georgia State

Im really confused on what to do and where to go now. My mom has already put the pressure on saying that I should go to St Johns. She is telling everyone im going there, and if she doesnt know it, is making so i have no real choice of my own.

I do not want to stay home but at the same time I do. well i want to stay in NYC(if i could get an apartment that would be epic). Either way, I dont want to leave NYC to rebel against my mother. But at the same time, I do not want to stay in NYC. 

I feel now if I leave, im leaving for the wrong reasons. But if i stay in nyc, im staying for the wrong reasons. 

And i dont know what to do anymore. 

I dont know where to go.

and no matter what i do in regards to choosing a college, i feel i will regret it. 

thanks mom. 

Tagged: #thoughts #college

  1. littlewomangrowing said: I had this problem with my mom, but it really is no one else but YOUR choice. If you attend a place you don’t want to go then most likely you’re not gonna finish school. College is your chance for a fresh start its the begining of your adulthood. I suggest you branch out…
  2. sariahg8 said: Go somewhere that is some hours from ur mom but not so far away that u can only see her rarly. Plus if u pick a place between ur mom and Bethany, u can see them both more.
  3. thewxyiseeit said: Well that’s life for you.. Full of regret if your living it. If I was in your shoes I’d leave for Georgia state because that’s what you seem most proud of.. Can’t lead a life of your own on your moms terms
  4. wheats-dunn said: Coming from someone who is currently dorming and I live in NYC and I think you are friends with my friend Daja. I would say leave its a great experience and for school do what is bet for you not your parents.
  5. celen-na said: Whatever decision you make, it will work out how it’s supposed to. God has a plan for you, whichever you choose will be fruitful and full of blessings. Trust your heart.
  6. partymypainaway said: do what your heart tells you not what your mind is telling you
  7. crownthepharaohs said: You should go to Georgia State. It seems like you’d be staying just to make your mom happy but if St. Johns isn’t where you want to be then don’t make yourself unhappy even if it is for someone as important as your mom. Plus its good to get away from home
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